Newly Published Research Paper Available for Peer Review

UPDATE: The research paper mentioned below is now published and you may read it here.

The following field and laboratory study compares the time-resolved sampling method of the Sequential Spot Sampler™ particle collectors to collocated PILS-IC and URG denuder-filter packs.  An evaluation of instrument precision, extraction methodology, and suitability of PEEK sample plate material is also presented.

PM2.5 Sulfate and Nitrate measurement using a SEQUENTIAL SPOT SAMPLER™ particle collector

A. Hecobian, A. Evanoski-Cole, A Eiguren-Fernandez, A. P. Sullivan, G.S. Lewis. S.V. Hering and J.L. Collett Jr.
Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., 8, 10611–10633, 2015

The research paper is newly published as a discussion paper in ATMD and available for interactive public peer review.  Comments made on-line through Dec 10, 2015 will be included for immediate non-peer-reviewed publication together with the discussion paper.

Click here for access to the discussion paper in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, an interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences

More information about the review process is available from the AMT website.