Sequential Spot Sampler

The Series 110 Sequential Spot Sampler instrument enables affordable, time-resolved characterization of particulate chemical composition at multiple locations. It provides an uninterrupted collection of particulate matter (PM) as concentrated dry deposits into small sample wells. PM deposits can be analyzed directly using spectrographic methods, or extracted for wet chemistry analysis.

  • High collection efficiency from 5 to >25,000nm
  • No particle bounce
  • Captures soluble and insoluble particles
  • Moderate temperatures (25-30̊C) for condensational growth
  • No steam injection required
  • Subsaturated outlet flow at room temperatures
  • User-selected sampling intervals from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Particles concentrated as a 1-mm “spot” in a sample well are ready for analysis
  • User-selected well temperature to evaporate water
  • Sample plate may be made from a variety of solid materials
  • Sample plate may be cleaned and reused
  • Interface with a PAL3 autosampler for automated chemical analysis
Spot Sampler Collection Well-Aerosol Devices Inc

Model SSS110 Series Sequential Spot Sampler includes the Growth Tube, Sequential Spot Collector Module, and one Sample Plate, 33-well, PEEK®. Optional sample plates constructed from a variety of materials are sold separately (PEEK polymer, aluminum).

PEEK® is a registered trademark of Vitrex Manufacturing Limited
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