PAL Autosampler

A PAL3-LSI Autosampler with a sample plate tray facilitates automated chemical analysis without requiring user extraction or manipulation of the particle sample. The PAL3-LSI Autosampler is configured for common wet chemistry analysis applications including ion chromatography (IC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

Model PAL700 Autosampler includes a base PAL3-LSI system with tray holder, fast wash module for two solvents, valve drive module for VICI valve, 6-port Cheminert injection valve, two trays for 54 vials of 2mL, two 100ul x-line syringe – fixed needle (gauge 22s, PST3), safety guard, power cables, and PAL Sample Control Software.  A Sample Plate Tray for the multi-well sample plate plus 10 vials of 2 mL is sold separately.

PAL-Autosampler-Aerosol Devices Inc