Liquid Spot Sampler

The Series 110 Liquid Spot Sampler instrument collects a concentrated suspension of particles into a small liquid-filled vial. The vial is designed with inlet and outlet ports so the user can configure it for on-line batch sampling of the particle suspension directly into a chemical or biological analyzer. A non-ported sample vial is also included.

  • Direct gentle particle deposition into liquid with no turbulence
  • High collection efficiency from 5 to >100,000nm
  • No particle bounce or re-aerosolization
  • Captures both soluble and insoluble particles
  • Moderate temperatures (25-30̊C) for condensational growth
  • No steam injection required
  • Sub-saturated outlet flow at room temperatures
  • Particles are concentrated in a 0.5-mL volume of liquid
  • Ported liquid vial can be user configured for on-line extraction and analysis
Liquid Spot Sampler-Module-Nozzles Aerosol Devices Inc
Liquid-Spot-Sampler-Module Aerosol Devices Inc

Model LSS110 Series Liquid Spot Sampler includes the Growth Tube and Liquid Spot Collector Module.

Series-110-Liquid-Spot-Sampler Aerosol Devices Inc