Field Testing

Several sequential Spot Sampler prototypes were tested in the field and compared to standard filter collection methods and near-real time instruments. Hourly ambient PM2.5 samples were collected for inorganic anion measurement and the results compared well with those obtained using a Particle-into-Liquid System (PILS) and URG-filters. Particle-bound polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were also measured with 12-hr time resolution for an uninterrupted period of 4 months. Ambient particle concentrations measured with prototype samplers compared well with those obtained using standard Teflon® filters. See the Reference section for publications and presentations that document the collector development and field test results.

Multi-well sample plates - protoypes- Aerosol Devices Inc

Multi-well sample plates with dry 1-mm deposits forming a particle “spot” in each well. Shown here is a prototype sample plate made of PEEK® (left) and aluminum (right) containing ambient PM2.5 samples collected over 12 hours and 6 hours respectively.

Collection Plate with nylon filter insert and ARD piles-Aerosol Devices Inc

Sample plate using nylon filter disk inserts to capture Arizona Road Dust particles. High concentration aerosol was sampled for periods of 5, 10 and 15 minutes to characterize collection efficiency and bouncing.

PAL autosampler for PAH analysis-Aerosol Devices Inc

A multi-well collection plate placed in a prototype autosampler system for PAH analysis.

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