Introducing the world’s first tippable, self-sustaining, compact, water-based condensation particle counter –
it’s like MAGIC!

The new MAGIC CPC uses a patented, three-stage “moderated” condensational growth system to enlarge particles as small as 5 nm into droplets that are easily detected optically (Hering et al, 2014).

M – Moderated
A – Aerosol
G – Growth with
I – Internal water
C – Cycling

  • Environmental air quality studies – especially useful for distributed monitors
  • Mobile studies in vehicles, aircraft, aboard ships, on drones and bicycles!
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Health effects and epidemiology studies
  • Workplace monitoring for nanoparticles

Schematic diagram of the MAGIC CPC showing the pre-conditioning humidifier, condensation growth tube, and optical detector.

Detection efficiency as a function of particle size comparing the MAGIC CPC to a more sensitive benchtop CPC.

Concentration measurement comparisons with two MAGIC CPC units and a benchtop nanometer-sensitive water-CPC while sampling ambient urban aerosols.

Concentration comparison of two collocated instruments sampling ambient urban air.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. by Aerosol Dynamics Inc. U.S. Patents #6712881 and #8801838; German patent #10392241. Other patents pending.

Hering, S. V., Spielman, S. R., Lewis, G. L. (2014) Moderated, water-based condensational growth of particles in a laminar flow. Aerosol Science and Technology 48:401-40.