Featured in LaunchNo.CO

Aerosol Devices was recently featured in LaunchNo.CO as a Fort Collins startup. LaunchNo.CO is an organization working to  “advance and support entrepreneurship and small businesses in Northern Colorado.”


From the article:

Aerosol Devices Inc. is revolutionizing the science of airborne particle sampling for physical, chemical and biological analysis. The company develops and manufactures scientific aerosol measurement instruments for global markets. The company’s novel approach to sampling bioaerosols allows highly efficient, concentrated collection of tiny virus particles, as well as much larger bacteria and mold spores. More importantly, the gentle capture mechanism maintains the microorganisms’ infectivity (viability). No other sampling method is able to collect viruses effectively, and all have a tendency to kill the fragile microorganisms. With this new sampling tool, medical doctors and scientists are studying airborne disease transmission, and can monitor for an early warning of a pandemic threat. To read the rest of the article…LaunchNo.CO