BioSpot™ – an Enhanced Bioaerosol Collector

Coming Fall 2018!

Inhalation of viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and toxins can lead to respiratory infections and allergic reactions. Existing bioaerosol samplers are designed to collect particles > 0.5µm and therefore have low collection efficiency for viral aerosols, exhaled proteins and other fragments of biological material. Common sampling methods often break apart and inactivate viable viruses and microorganisms through mechanical stress and irreversible desiccation.

A New Sampling Approach

A laminar-flow water condensation particle growth technique substantially improves the collection of bioaerosols (<10nm to 10µm) sampling directly into a liquid medium.

The Condensation Growth Tube
“BioSpot” Collector

  • High efficiency collection – viruses, bacteria, spores, toxins, exhaled proteins
  • Concentrated samples into liquid
  • Maintains viability
  • Quiet operation

The BioSpot collector performs much like the human lung, providing high-efficiency, gentle collection into liquid through condensationally enhanced inertial deposition. A laminar-flow condensation growth tube (CGT) encapsulates airborne particles into liquid droplets and gently deposits the droplets onto a liquid surface. The air sample flow is 8 L/min, equal to the average rate at which a person breathes. Particles from this flow are deposited into 2 mL of water or nutrient broth solution. Bioaerosols, including viable viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, toxins, and exhaled proteins are collected with high efficiency. The high-fidelity, concentrated samples are ready for lab analysis.


  • Airborne disease transmission research

  • Environmental microbiome studies

  • Natural infectious disease/pandemic surveillance in public, transportation, medical and agricultural settings

  • Monitoring biocontamination in clean pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing

  • Non-invasive medical diagnostics of exhaled breath particulates

  • Defense/Homeland Security biosurveillence for early warning of an aerosolized bioterrorism attack

  • Atmospheric research in ice nucleation and cloud formation

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