Mission and Priorities


Our mission is to offer superior aerosol measurement capabilities
that advance scientific knowledge, which can lead
to improving the environment, health, safety, and quality of life.




Customers are our number one priority.  Happy customers become return customers, give referrals to their friends, pay our bills, and allow us to keep going.


We will make decisions every day to ensure that we meet or exceed our customer’s high expectations. When we fall short, we will respond immediately to make it right.


Employees create quality, which generates customers. By offering a safe and productive work environment, tools to do a quality job, interesting products and career development opportunities, we will be an employer of choice and able to attract the best talent.


We serve the global aerosol research community and the neighborhoods where we work, live, and play by being good stewards of the environment, volunteering for causes we believe in, and providing new employment opportunities. Healthy communities attract the finest people, some of whom will become customers, collaborators, employees, suppliers, mentors, and friends.


As long as we focus on our top four priorities, our shareholders will be fine.